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Welcome to The Studio School of Creative Art and Drawing

The joy of drawing is available to all people. The desire to express is inherent to everyone through drawing, writing, singing, or playing a musical instrument. Expressing ourselves through any form of art connects us with our deeper nature and is the doorway to discovering and nourishing the spirit. The ability to draw can be embraced by everyone with a little persistence.

Your latent artistic potential exists and can be realised with qualities that make a great a Artist. So if you have.

  • A sense of excitement.
  • Curiosity
  • Persistence
  • Childlike playfulness
  • Exploration
  • Discovering new ways of seeing the world then 'The Studio, school of creative art and drawing is the place to be.

Expression can only be achieved through intuition( The ‘in’ .…tuition of who we are.) Once this gateway is opened we discover the dynamics and vitality of communication and we learn to respond to what we see and feel. Drawing is international; unlike language our visual perception will always form an image that we respond to. Art goes across cultural and age barriers from young children to the elderly and by the same token can be learned at any stage in life.

Drawing is the fundamental ingredient of fine art and it’s one of the elements that is often overlooked in teaching art today. To be able to respond to what we see and relate it to the blank sheet of paper is sometimes challenging to many people from the novice to even the professional. The understanding of perspective and developing three-dimensional form on paper can be restrictive if a basic knowledge and a visual awareness is not established.

The majority of The Studio's classes will focus on establishing skills and visual perception, creating freedom. Contact us now to find out more.