Art and Drawing workshops

Year round intensive workshops are held in life drawing, basic drawing skills and portraiture. Groups of 5 to 10 people create a dynamic, friendly group. This exciting experience is where people are discovering new ways of learning and developing drawing skills in a nurturing and focused environment.

Benefits of the workshops are;

  • Time set aside for self-discovery.
  • Development of a drawing skill.
  • The structure provides continuity and intensifies the artistic development of each student.

These workshops always fill quickly so you are advised to book early.

Portraiture workshop

There are many approaches to portraiture all of which will be well covered in this unique, one off limited workshop.

Throughout you will be given tips, guidance and demonstration to free you up to apply various drawing mediums to establish a likeness to a real live model. Portraiture is sometimes thought to be difficult by people however with experienced and proper guidance and with continuous demonstration you will soon become more and more confident and after a period of time be able to draw a portrait that represents the model you see.

Our courses and workshops instill and empower our students so they can have freedom of expression.

With only the per-requisites being curious enthusiasm, you will obtain an understanding of the structure of how to do a portrait by applying tone and colour to paper. The art of drawing will develop in you perceptual values of being able to actually ‘see’ and understand this in such a way that you be able to transfer this vision to the drawing board.

Book now. We will take you on a journey of discovery, you may actually surprise yourself.

Basic drawing workshop

Our introductory drawing course exposes people who have had little or no previous drawing experience to open the door to creativity and artistic expression so really where ever you are coming from this is the perfect place to start whether you’ve had no experience or your just wanting to brush up on some previous experience then this is perfect for you.

This course will help you to develop three dimensional form on paper through an understanding of basic drawing application with graphite, charcoal and soft pastel. We will be instilling elementary skills and teaching application in;

  • Line
  • Tone
  • Texture
  • Perspective and
  • Colour

Each unit will build on the next so you may spontaneously apply and respond to what you see with growing confidence.

Compared to other places our class sizes are small with a big focus on personal attention with demonstrations that are constantly given throughout. This unique approach is done so our students are nurtured and encouraged to develop their drawing skills and creative process.

Book now and surprise yourself on a new creative journey.

Gift Vouchers for that unique gift

Gift vouchers are available and can be purchased over the phone (eftpos and credit facility is available) for that last minute gift that will give them a truly unique experience.

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